Omega Subsea Robotics

Omega Subsea Robotics was established in 2022 as an industrial collaboration between Solstad Offshore and Omega Subsea, with the goal of making joint investments in ROV systems and associated equipment.

Omega Subsea Robotics has in 2024 a ROV fleet consisting of the following systems:

  • Schilling HDs No. # 90 and # 91 (integrated onboard the vessel “Normand Frontier”)
  • Kystdesign Constructor HF No. # 10 and # 11 (to be integrated onboard the vessel “Normand Maximus” Q1 2024)
  • Kystdesign Constructor HF No. # 12 and # 13 (to be integrated onboard the vessel “Normand Sentinel” Q1 2024)

In 2024, an additional six (6) ROV systems were ordered from Kystdesign for delivery in 2024. The new Kystdesign ROVs will consist of Constructor HF ROVs and the newly developed Constructor HF Compact ROV. Constructor HF No. # 14 and # 15 will be integrated on board the vessel “Normand Navigator” in Q2 2024, while the remaining 4 ROVs will be later integrated onboard selected vessels in the Solstad Offshore fleet. The vessels and the timing of mobilization will be determined by Solstad Offshore throughout 2024/2025.

Omega Subsea will be responsible for managing, operating, and staffing of the ROV systems in the Omega Subsea Robotics fleet.

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