Schilling Robotics Heavy Duty

The Schilling HD system is one of the world’s most advanced work class ROV systems built to withstand challenging and harsh environments.

With its exceptional capabilities, it can execute various subsea tasks, including construction support, inspection, and survey operations.

The ROV's agility and versatility enable it to maneuver accurately, making it suitable for navigating complex subsea structures. The system`s flexibility allows it to integrate a wide setup of sensors, tools, and equipment.

Main specifications*

Height1.9 meters
Width1.7 meters
Length2.5 meters
Weight3500 kg
Max. depthHD 90 4000m /HD 91 3000m
Max. speed3 knots
Max. lat. speed2 knots
ManipulatorsManipulators Titan T4 and Rigmaster
Spec sheetDownload complete spec sheet
*All specifications are subject to changes without prior notice. Please contact Omega Subsea for details and verifications.