Omega Subsea, Bergen

Edvard Griegs vei 1
5059 Bergen

24 hour Emergency number:

+47 91 67 67 61
Picture of Trond Berge

Trond Berge

General Manager +4748208900
Picture of Jermund Kleppe

Jermund Kleppe

Business Development Manager/Onshore Resource Manager +4740405698
Picture of Morten Haugen

Morten Haugen

Operations Manager +4797036678
Picture of Mette Irene Knudsen Odden

Mette Irene Knudsen Odden

Legal Advisor +4795785457
Picture of Kjetil Hovland

Kjetil Hovland

Project Manager +4797010743
Picture of Frank Juven Widme

Frank Juven Widme

ROV Manager +4795220387
Picture of Lars Myntevik

Lars Myntevik

ROV Project Manager +4797519168
Picture of Laila Helen Eriksen

Laila Helen Eriksen

QHSE Manager +4799550740

Omega Subsea, Stavanger

Forusbeen 78
4033 Stavanger

24 hour Emergency number:

+47 916 76 761
Picture of Øyvind Lunde

Øyvind Lunde

Branch Manager/Offshore Resource Manager +4795451000
Picture of Geir Thoresen

Geir Thoresen

Project Manager +4795961829
Picture of Helene Johnnysen

Helene Johnnysen

Senior Personell Coordinator +4741649915
Picture of Lisa Sporaland Hadland

Lisa Sporaland Hadland

Admin and Project Coordinator +4793029183
Picture of Katrine Holta Bakke

Katrine Holta Bakke

HR & Personnel Coordinator +4745232255
Picture of Helle Gjersum

Helle Gjersum

Project Manager +4798660494

Omega Subsea, Aberdeen

H & R House
Woodburn Road, Blackburn
AB21 0PS
Office number: +44 (0) 01224 432890

24 hour Emergency number:

+44 (0) 7582 007 000
Picture of Keith Robathan

Keith Robathan

General Manager +447582009000
Picture of Kelly Turnbull

Kelly Turnbull

Recruitment and Crewing Supervisor +447435944382
Picture of Sarah Reid

Sarah Reid

Administration Coordinator +441224432895
Picture of Kim Jackson

Kim Jackson

Finance and Administration Coordinator +44122432893
Picture of Gillian Gray

Gillian Gray

Finance and Administration Assistant +441224432896
Picture of Layanna Wright

Layanna Wright

Personnel Administrator +447435945133
Picture of Deborah Gove

Deborah Gove

Personnel Recruiter +441224432898
Picture of Craig Edward Fitzpatrick

Craig Edward Fitzpatrick

Operations Mangager +441224432891