Kystdesign Constructor High Flow

The Constructor vehicle developed by Kystdesign a unique construction vehicle designed for carrying and operating large tools and modules.

The Constructor with its exceptional capabilities can efficiently perform a wide range of subsea tasks, including heavy construction support, inspection, and survey operations.

The Constructor can accommodate up to 25 additional hydraulic tooling functions, up to 15 additional survey sensors and 8 camera connectors.

Main specifications*

Height1.9 meters
Width1.7 meters
Length3.2 meters
Weight4750 kg
Depth Rating3000 meters
Payload500 kg
Power220 hp
Thrusters7 x SA380
ManipulatorsTitan T4, Atlas R / Atlas P
Spec sheetDownload complete spec sheet
*All specifications are subject to changes without prior notice. Please contact Omega Subsea for details and verifications.